Scenes from vacay


I'm into abbreviations lately so vacation has turned into vacay.  We're having a lovely time soaking up the Florida sunshine.  It's a good thing.

Tonight we ate the most fabulous meal I've had in a while.  I was a little nervous as to whether my hooligans would behave at a nice restaurant but a glass of Riffault Sancerre calmed my nerves and all was well.  It will be a favorite vacation memory--George's in Alys Beach, you.are.yummy! For the record I had a divine organic salad with fried goat cheese and zinfandel poached pears followed by ginger and sweet chili glazed rock shrimp with black coconut rice and cilantro pineapple coleslaw.  It was as good as it sounds.  Other than our fancy little dinner we've just been relaxing.  Here's proof.


  1. How beautiful! Sounds like a great time. I'm already counting down until I put my toes in the sand.