What's cooking


I've cooked this several times since I found it on Pioneer Woman's blog.  I followed directions the first time and it was delicious. The next few times I made it, because I am too lazy to thaw chicken thank you, I used pancetta instead.  And it was divine. I actually cooked this twice this week. It is light and delicious with my new favorite wine.

On another subject I took my sweet boys to see the dinosaur exhibit at the zoo yesterday.  I was afraid they might be scared of them so after a quick talkin' to about how they aren't real we made our way into the woods.  They really liked it!  Christian kept his map handy and proved to be an excellent tour guide.

Honestly looking at the pictures I can't believe we weren't the ones running and screaming from the woods.  They look a little scarier in these pictures (the dinosaurs, not my children). Oh, and their eyes move which was creepy. And their arms move (also creepy).  And one spit water on us.  That actually did draw a few squeals (from me, not the boys).  They laughed:)

Have a good holiday weekend!


  1. That pasta looks so good. Your boys are precious!