Hodge podge


Phillip Phillips won Idol last night--yay for him! I love his Dave Matthews-ish style and I can't wait to buy his album.  Great choice America!

And while on the subject of music have you heard John Mayer's new album Born and Raised? Christian and I are digging it.  Some of the songs have a James Taylor vibe that I like.

While in JCPenny yesterday (shopping at Sephora, for some reason our Sephora is in JCP?) I stumbled across some surprisingly cute clothes for super cheap.  This red dress has an adorable open back that you can't see from this pic and is 45 bucks.  Terrible picture, sorry!

Speaking of cheap chic, our Target has really stepped up their shoe department. I saw these yesterday. So cute! They also had them in a cheetah print.  I would prefer some Tory Burch ones but for now these will do.

I'm finishing up the Fifty Shades trilogy.  For the second time.  And I really hope Ian Somerhalder lands the role of Christian for the movie.  Yes, I have now posted this picture twice on my blog. 

I'm not liking this season of The Bachelorette.  Ninety looong minutes of listening to goofy guys say "You're so beautiful" over and over is gagging me.  I hope it gets better but I don't see that happening unless they fire all the guys and find 25 new ones.

My children are here at the computer begging me for breakfast. Perhaps I should feed them!! Before I go here are some pictures of kite flying at the beach.  Laters!


  1. I debated getting those shoes from Target. They're so cute, but I need less flats and more heels. I'm barely 5'2" so...yeah. I love that you're reading 50 Shades for the second time. Ian Somerhalder is hunky and I would not be upset if he played Christian Grey. Gosh, I can't wait for that movie!