Sweet little memories


This was our home away from home for the week. Little yellow beach house--I miss you already.

If you could see my real house right now you would know I have no business sitting at this computer. After a week at the beach and prior to that both families visiting, Christian's birthday party, and school ending I can barely see the floor.  But... oh, I'll get to that tomorrow.  Right now I'm going to post *tons* of beachy pictures and pretend I'm still vacationing in paradise with my 3 favorite boys.

Campbell was always very tired and very hungry after days on the beach.  We can't keep him full and have no idea where he puts all this food.  Poor thing fell asleep eating cheez-its almost every afternoon.

There were some very narly waves this week, pretty much every day the water was a bit rough.  You really had to hang on to your trousers if you know what I mean.

Christian is turning into such a big boy.  I can't believe how tall he's getting.  The ages of 3 and 5 are seriously adorable and fun (and a tad exhausting) but mostly fun:)

Thank you kind lady on the beach for snapping our one and only family pic of the week!

I'm covered in sand and I don't care. *Finally* we are all looking at the camera!

Our little beach neighborhood..until we meet again:)


  1. Your house looks darling. Campbell looks so sweet sleeping with his crackers. Evie has been exhausted this week too. Maybe she will sleep as we drive 536 miles. Ahhh! See you soon.

  2. The beach looks so lovely! Where did you guys go? And who stayed behind to keep an eye on yours and Jennifer's houses???

  3. Allison, We went to Destin, Florida. It's drive-able for us and we love it, the water is turquoise and the sand is so white! If you want more info email me:) I know, so funny that Jennifer and I even vacation at the same time!:)

  4. What a wonderful vacation! It all looks amazing! The house is adorable that you stayed in!