What I'm loving


While we were at the beach last week I tried a new face sunscreen that I loved.
Josie Maran SPF 40 lotion; it was great.  It went on smooth, has a mild scent (too much fragrance doesn't work for my skin), and did a great job keeping my face burn free.  It's not greasy like other sunscreens I've tried and didn't cause a single breakout after long sweaty days in the sun.  I give it an A+.

Good ole' Neutrogena was another favorite.  It's called "dry touch" and it was. I loved that it wasn't greasy/sticky/icky.  And it worked.  A+

I love these kicks. Nike Free Run 3's.  Husband and I have a goal to work out like maniacs this summer and get in excellent shape.  And I'm planning to run my first half marathon at the end of summer (it's in writing now, I can't back down!).  Nike's marketing department has assured me that I need these shoes and once they are on my feet I will become a track star.  SOLD! Plus they are pink.

I picked up the adorable Jcrew neon pink shorts at the beach last week and I *love* them.  They are way more neon in person but so super cute.

And finally, I had a glass of Riffault Sancerre at George's last week and it was *so* delicious.  It's a dry white (I don't like sweet wine).  Go getcha some!


  1. I adore those shorts and am officially putting that wine on my list!! =)

  2. So excited for you to run your first 1/2! I love those pink shorts and think I need to stop by JCrew. I am in complete agreement about loving dry white wine - must get this one to try it out! Frei Brothers and Sonoma Cutrer are two of my favorite Chardonnay's you should try, both are dry and wonderful!