Clothes & a datenight recap


Mr. C and I had a datenight out with friends last week.  We went to Urban Grub and I wore this.  {I don't actually use that exercise ball but somehow it ended up in my picture!} Maybe it's a sign.

Old Navy dress, ebay necklace, Cole Haan wedges

More importantly, we ate this.

It is banana pudding pie with a shortbread crust, roasted banana cream vanilla wafer crumble, sliced bananas and toasted, toasted vanilla meringue.  I don't even like bananas and this was divine. Mr. C and I agree that all desserts should contain chocolate but our waitress talked us into this and it was delish!!!!  I dream about it at night.

Urban Grub was a pretty trendy place and I had great fun checking out what everyone was wearing.  It made me feel super boring and I decided I need more edge.  One particular outfit caught my eye.  It was short black shorts with a white tee, neon cardi, and a peter pan bib necklace.  Looked adorbs.  I want it for fall.  This gal looked so darn cute!

peter pan

I'm into hot pink and black right now.

Old Navy skinnies, Charming Charlie top
Lastly, this was my precious boy yesterday morning when I asked him to help empty the dishwasher.  
That's kind of how I feel too! 


  1. Yum! Cute outfit with the bib collar, wondering if I could pull one of these off? Those old navy skinnies, did you recently purchase those? They made a great pair months ago, but lately the reviews on the newer pop of color jeans are terrible. Everyone says they can't get them over their thighs.

  2. Love your pink dress with that turquoise necklace - so pretty! And ohmygoodness that banana pie looks ahhhhhhmazing!

    The Other Side of Gray

  3. I love your outfits! You always look so cute! I love the oufit you put together as well, I always want to dress up shorts because they are so comfortable and your outfit board is great inspiration! Love the black & hot pink combination as well. Your sons reaction is classic! I feel that way all of the time but it was perfect to get it documented. Have a great day friend!

  4. I am so into the jeweled peter pan collars right now!! Have you read this month's Lucky with Kelly Clarkson on the cover, there is a great feature about all the fabulous shopping in Nashville

  5. You are always so darn cute!!! Please come visit me and lets go shopping! I need some help and I LOVE your style! It is very much like mine! Do you swear by Old Navy? Seems you have a lot of their stuff! And I feel the same as your son about unloading the dishwasher... thats why its the hubbys job in our home! I've hated it since I was your son's age lol!

  6. I absolutely love your necklace. I am way into necklaces, bracelets and earrings right now especially since my little sweetie pie doesn't pull and yank on them anymore. Ha! Ha! I found your blog over on Shanna said so. Hopefully you don't mind but I am now a follower!

    Have a great day!

  7. That dessert looks AMAZING. I love all banana desserts, so I'm sure I would've devoured this one! Love your black & hot pink outfit inspiration. That would be perfect for fall!

  8. im seriously dying for that necklace, everyone has it! glad i found your blog, im a new follower! x

  9. The hot pink dress looks SO pretty with the turquoise necklace! And that dessert looks heavenly! I'm a new follower :)

    The Tiny Heart
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  10. Love both of your outfits, so cute!! And your little boys reaction looks exactly like my husbands reaction whenever I ask him to do something around the house, haha!

  11. Um you are SO the cutest mom EVER :)I'm pretty sure you just need to come to ATL and do all my shopping for me! Hope you're having a great day xoxoxo

  12. Adorable dress! And YUM that dessert looks divine! Xox

  13. I just love that dress! And it looks so cute with the blue necklace!

  14. love that turquoise necklace!

    xo SideSmile,

    SideSmile Style Blog

  15. the pink dress and necklace is perfect! and LOL re : son!