Slipping and sliding


When Grandma was here visiting last weekend she whipped out a slip-n-slide from somewhere in her suitcase and we took the boys outside to have some fun.  It was the first time they have tried a slip-n-slide so I don't know why I was surprised that they didn't know what to do! We kept trying to tell them to run and dive but they just weren't going to do it.  So Big C put on his swimsuit and demonstrated.

 I think it's funny that he has perfect diving form.

Once he did that all they wanted to do was stand there and laugh at him!  Grandma was videoing and I was shooting photos, all laughing at with poor Daddy.  He's such a good sport!  The boys were still a little unwilling to try so Christian would pick them up by the shorts and kind of give them a toss to help them out.  It was pretty hysterical.  They finally decided it was fun; and then it began to rain. Of course! But no complaints, we need the rain.

It was worth laying in the dry prickly grass (on top of an ant hill!) to get some pictures.  We laughed about how small a slip-n-slide looks when you're grown up?! I remember it being a lot bigger.
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  1. such great photos Courtney!

  2. Y'all looked so cute out there! I was upstairs reading and saw you out there before the rain came. What a fun present! That's hysterical about how she just pulled that out of her suitcase. HA!

  3. not only are these amazing pictures it looks like so much fun!!

  4. You got the most priceless shots!! Please enter them in a contest!!! Amazing and soooooo cute!!! Definite framers!!

  5. amazing photos! you captured just how much fun they were having :)

  6. so much fun! i never really liked the slip n slide but my kids love it!

  7. These are great photos! Action shots!

    Now I could be remembering this incorrectly but I'm pretty sure I got a bad burn or bruise from a slip n slide as a child. And I never tried one again! Maybe I just had bad slip n slide form?!