It's getting hot in here: Weekend update


I'm starting with Thursday night because I want to:) It was girl's night out and my friends and I got sushi--yum! So fun to hang with the gals..I of course don't have a picture of us but I did photograph the food.

This was the temperature my rear-view mirror was telling me on Friday afternoon.

I forwarded it to my husband who replied:

He's so crazy.  This is him by the way.

We really didn't do a ton this weekend.  The heat is just plain out of control here.  We made our Saturday trek to the Farmer's Market where I was sweating so profusely I'm surprised someone didn't call an ambulance.  Never wear neon pink on a very hot day.

This Sancerre was really good.

On our Saturday bike rides we pass these train tracks and I'm always dying to take a picture.  So I did.  Interesting feeling to lay down on train tracks and hear a loud whistle blow.  My heart was racing--bad timing!

That's all I've got! Linking with some fun blogs, Happy Monday:)

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  1. Christian cracks me up! Y'all went on a bike ride in this heat! Whoa!

  2. your hubby is a cutie pie!! I took a picture of the temp on Friday from my dashboard, and sent it to my hubby. It was 122, at first Dan responded I took a picture of the clock, then I told him what about the little "F" after the number. I think I like your hubby's response much better!!

  3. Yum that sushi looks so good! That's a great picture you took of the train tracks.. you sure have guts! :)

  4. I'm stopping by from the link up! So I cracked up at your car temperature picture because my car's thermometer was stuck at 140 for almost a year. Now it's stuck at a more convincing 68 degrees but seeing your high temp made me think of that!

    Also I just had sushi on Friday but now I want it again. Yum!

  5. Yum that sushi looks delish! Gooodness that temperature sounds terrible! I don't think it's that hot here in Denver! Sounds like a great weekend, thanks for linking up!

  6. HAHA I'm cracking up at your husband's reply to the temperature pic. So funny and so cute. And 115 is CRAZY hot! Good thing you had some tasty wine to cool off with :)

  7. What a sweet husband!! Points for him! I love sushi and have been craving it lately! Thanks for sharing with the wine. You know me, always looking for another great vino to try! LOVE the train tracks picture! Did you take that with your Nikon? Which one do you have?

    We are hot here in Texas but definitely not at 115! Hope it doesn't last long for you all.

  8. I feel your pain with the heat...this weekend we actually got a break. It only hit in the high 80's, that's like a cold front for us! ;) And how adorbs is the hubs? So sweet!

  9. Aww what a sweet reply of your husband!
    Found your blog through miscellany Monday and added myself to your followers.
    Hope you can visit my blog too.

  10. I'm seriously craving sushi now! And great picture of the tracks. I think I'd be scared to lay on them! I'd think of that scene from Fried Green Tomatoes!

    Thanks so much for linking up with us :)

  11. That response from your husband is to die for Way too cute!! And I don't think I'd ever have the courage to lay on a train track. So glad you got your awesome shot and that you got up in time. Phew!

  12. Looks like a great weekend :) That sushi looks SO yummy and I thought our 110 was bad here :( I'm over the triple digit weather! Have a great week!

  13. Ahh I just received your comments on my blog and cant email you back because you have it set up as a noreply! You are going to have to change that so we can chit chat!!! Mainly because I need to know where from Southern VA youre from... when you went to ODU {I was there for longer than I shouldve been}, and every other fabulous detail of your life that I havent found yet from being a new follower and stalking your blog! hahaha have I scared you yet? Hope not... but I am seriously looking forward to getting to know you! PS your kids are precious and you are one hot momma!!

  14. 115 !?#$?@?! Ohmyword!! And then there was your hubby's message. How sweet is THAT!?! :)

    ps, your comment today, made my day. Thank you!!