Weekend Update


Happy Monday friends! We had a very laid back weekend.  I like those.  Here it is Insta-style.

1.  The boys had a birthday party Saturday and the favor was a blow up guitar -- only in Nashville! They loved it and so did I.  The mama let her 5 year old select the menu and it was mint chocolate chip klondike bars, a giant cookie with rainbow icing, and cotton candy.  What a cool mom!  I thought it was precious and little B was so proud of her menu.  We are still trying to recover from all that sugar!
2.  Pretty church steeple
3.  Fine dining
4.  Publix had sugar corn Pops on sale buy one get one.  I loved these as a kid and I could not resist. More sugar, why not!
5.  Ice cream!  We are out of control...
6.  I've been laying on train tracks again... We pass these tracks on our bike rides and I'm a little obsessed with getting a good track picture but it's still not quite right. I keep getting nervous and my hand shakes.
7 & 8.  We were bored Saturday night so we threw the boys in the truck, rolled the windows down, picked up ice cream and drove through the country listening to music too loud, hair blowing in the wind.  It was pretty great.
9.  My Target sporty spice watch.  A friend had a mint green one that I thought was Anthro and she laughed and said "No ma'am! Go to Tarjay and get yourself one!" So I did ($12).  It's huge but I love it for the pool and running.  They have lots of cute colors, I may need an extra:)

And that is all!  This was not our healthiest weekend food wise and I'll need to jog to California and back to get on track again.  We will be eating our veggies this week!  Sorry for overusing exclamation points and side smiles, must be all that sugar.  ;)  Happy Monday:)

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  1. Such cute photos! And I used to LOVE Corn Pops...haven't had em in years :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. These are the best kinds of weekends. Your boys look like they loved their Saturday night :) Great watch from Target! I just love your train tracks pictures & I obsessively use exclamation marks - so I like that as well :) Have a great Monday!

  3. Sugar rushes rock!

    Looks like you had a lovely weekend.

    Visiting via the Life Lately Hop :)


  4. Love your train track pictures they are so pretty!! I need to start following you on instagram you take the best pictures.

  5. thats a great favor for a kid birthday party! I love your watch and how your friend sounds so sassy :) sounds like a great weekend and im jealous of all your ice cream!

  6. I hear the not eating well this weekend buuut we were celebrating a bday in D.C. at a baseball game lol! That deserves nothing but junk right!? Looks like a fabulous weekend you had!

  7. We hit the fine dining of McD's too this weekend! :) And Ross, the girls and I love to make country drives with the radio loud too!! The kids love it, and so do I! Oh, the simple things!!

  8. I love your Instagram photos. How are you doing the collage on the computer? I can do one on my phone, but not sure it will transfer nice and big. We visited the farmer's market for some vegetables and fruit this morning to counteract day 3 of birthday celebrations. Happy Monday to you!

  9. Great pics!! And I have the mint green watch from Tarjay and am obsessed, I want it in every color! : ) The white is super cute too!

  10. i love the pictures!
    sounds like a fun weekend. your boys are cute!

  11. Sometimes laid back weekends are the best! And your little guys are adorable! Have a great week!

  12. I ate so bad this past week too. Eh, it happens. At least you had good reason - birthday party! Fun!!

    Thanks for linking up with us :)

  13. is that ice cream from mcdonalds?? just asking because their soft serve is awesome and my husband eats way too many of those cones. laid back weekends are great, definitely helps to relax and really enjoy time with your family

  14. Looks like a great weekend - yummy ice cream :)

  15. Love your white watch, that's so cute! I'm a new follower!


  16. Love love loving that watch!