Weekend Recap: Birthday edition


Boy did we  have a fun weekend!  Before I get started, I'm guest posting for the first time ever over at Andrea's blog, The Blonde Ambitions.  Super exciting for me!  I love Andrea's blog--she's a sweetheart and I don't go a day without checking her blog.  Lots of fashion, delicious recipes, and all around fun inspiration--go check it out!

Now for the weekend recap.  Please tell me you watch American Pickers on the History Channel?

Saturday evening I took Mr. C to Red Pony for his birthday dinner and while waiting for our table, Mike Wolfe from American Pickers walked in with his girlfriend and another friend (who google tells me is a local musician and is filming something with Mike).  Cue my husband and I giggling like teenagers and telling each other to be cool.  We composed ourselves and did not approach him (although I reeeeaaaallly wanted to!).  Oh well!  I'm such a fan of the show.

Our dinner (shrimp and grits for me of course and an amazing special for Mr. C) was wonderful as always.  I wish I could share a picture but I could not get my nerve up to snap one.  I'm such a chicken!

There was also a bluegrass festival going on in downtown Franklin and we caught a little of it.  Old cars, pickin', cotton candy, snow cones, blow up monkeys (??), all the good fair stuff.  Here's a look:

*We couldn't resist bringing home some blow up monkeys.  The boys LOVED them.

*Totally unrelated but the picture of the boys is from our Sunday bike ride, my rascals are getting SO big.

And finally, our sweet nieces and nephews sent Mr. C a special message:


Sorry to be a little all over the place today. We really had a fun weekend and don't have too much planned this week thankfully.  Happy Monday!


  1. That is one cute Happy Birthday message.

  2. Sounds like an awesome weekend! Love the monkey pic, and a bluegrass festival sounds awesome :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  3. I'm glad Mr. C had a good bday weekend! I don't watch American Pickers, but if I did I would've acted the same way you did upon seeing him! I love celeb sightings. Also - love the sweet message from the nieces and nephews!!

  4. Looks like a fabulous weekend!!!! You guys are too adorable!!! And Im loving the blown up monkeys!!!!

  5. What a fun weekend!! And I always geek out when I run into someone famous...that is so awesome you guys saw him!! Going to check out your guest post now! I love Andrea!! Have a great week, Courtney!!

  6. First of all - jealous of your meal at Red Pony! :) Second - we are planning on going to Mike's Antique Shoppe downtown on our next visit!!! I am so jealous you ran into him!!! :)

  7. What a great weekend! We love American Pickers too! Thanks so much for posting for me today!

  8. Aw what a great birthday weekend! I live and work in Hollywood so I randomly see celebs all the time. Earlier this month I was in the elevator with Michael Vartan. I love him. Have loved him since Alias and Never Been Kissed. I wanted to say something so bad but I pretended not to know who he was. Or so I think...pretty sure my eyes bulged outta my head when he held the elevator door for me lol!