Random Tuesday


I'm loving this cute little dress.

Anything with pink and navy is a good thing.  Find it here.

This book was SO GOOD.

It was so well written.  It's not warm and fuzzy but it's clever and keeps you guessing.  I'd put it up there with my favorites.  I couldn't put it down and my husband was so annoyed that I had my nose in a book all weekend.  You've got to read it.

I'm also loving the Amazon Kindle app for my iPad--I resisted for a while because I love to hold a real book in my hands but I'm a little addicted to the ease of downloading new books.

I ordered THE necklace. Do I even need to say which one? Imitation JCrew Bubble! There, I give in, I admit I want one too!!  I held off for a while because it's so crazy popular but I just love the way it dresses up a basic T.  For $15 and free shipping I couldn't resist.

My good friend babysat for me last night so that C and I could go grab dinner.  We switch nights to help each other out and it's such a good thing.   Living far from family is hard with little ones because you rarely get a break but we're making it a point to lean on each other!  Anyway, I wore my new maxi dress.  It's a little boring I admit but it was super comfy.  I'm finding I'm not really a maxi dress girl though, I just feel so weird in long dresses, what's wrong with me?! Oh, and I don't own a full length mirror so you'll have to trust me that I actually have feet.

Our good friends are coming over for the 4th and I'm making this salad from Pinterest. It's avocado, corn, and tomato salad with cilantro vinaigrette.
Looks so fresh and yummy!

This concludes Random Tuesday:) Have a great day!


  1. Can I just say that I love everything in this post?? That dress is perfect! I completely agree and am loving anything pink & navy these days. I have to admit I also just jumped on the J Crew (imitation) bubble necklace. I found one from an etsy shop and got the yellow but I love the blue too! (and pink...) I must not get all 3 though, that would be trouble! Glad you got a date night, you deserve one for sure! I like the maxi on you. I have the same problem with wearing long dresses - definitely a new thing for me! That salad looks amazing and has all the yummy things I love!

    Loving this random Tuesday!!

  2. I have yet to buy an Ipad or Kindle for the sheer reason that I LOVE TO HOLD A BOOK! hehe so I feel you on that! And I bought the Knockoff Jcrew necklace too and LOVE IT! I actually have it on today :) I think Im going to have to get one in EVERY color!!! I can afford that at 15 bucks a pop!!! Please let us know how that salad turns out! It looks AMAZING :) ~ PS Im a new follower lol!

  3. I am saving that book for my flight to Colorado on Thurs, I can't wait. I love that maxi, you look awesome in it!! That salad looks amazing, what time should I come over:)

  4. That top dress reminds me of the maxi Emily wore last night on the Bachelorette. It would be perfect for you since you " aren't a maxi girl". And you NEED a full length mirror. I can't leave my house now without looking in it.

  5. I am so with you! I just love that bauble necklace. And you know what, I don't know about you, but Yes- I see the necklace ALL OVER blog world - but I have never seen it worn out and about IRL. I need to get it! Love the color you chose.

  6. That dress is adorable! And that maxi too! It looks so good on you! Oh and that salad- yum! I want to try it :)

  7. You look so pretty in your maxi and fun necklace! :) Hope you have a great 4th - that salad looks amazing

  8. That dress is SO cute! And you look so pretty in that black maxi - love it! And I've been looking for a new book to read...maybe I'll try that one :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  9. Love that dress on you!! I agree sometimes about maxi dresses- I found a cute stretchy gold belt off Etsy that I tend to wear with a lot of them, and that seems to help keep them from looking so blah sometimes! :) I too caved on the necklace- couldn't help it and now I wear it all the time!!