A very random post


There are days when I can think of nothing to say and days when I have so many thoughts in my head I can't even categorize them.  Today--one of those "busy" mind days!  So I'm going to be random and share it all:)

1.  I saw a girl at Costco the other day who had on dark skinny jeans with a lime green monogram on the back pocket.  She had on a lime green sweater too and she looked adorable.  As many monograms as I've seen, I've never seen a jean pocket monogram, have y'all?  While I'm not ready to monogram all my jeans yet, I might consider one pair..I think it's sort of sassy.  I'm thinking pale blue oxford and pearls to go with it--how southern!

via Pinterest
2.  I love the buns I see everywhere (not buns buns, hair buns!).  Low buns and high buns.  My hair is sadly not thick enough so I'm going to get one of these. My fear is that my pitiful hair won't cover it up, but I'm going to try it!
via Pinterest
3.  I'm doing a bible study called All His Benefits.  I have to admit I've never been part of a bible study group before though church has always been part of my life.  I think I always thought of bible study as kind of intimidating (or rigid maybe?)  Just keeping it real!  Yet it is now a favorite part of my week: a bunch of girls getting together once a week to learn, to discuss, to eat, to share, etc.  And I know these girls will be lifelong friends.  This bible study (and what I'm learning) is a life changer for me.

4.  I love these Kashi bars (chocolate cherry). A favorite combo!

5.  I'm doing a DIY today... this one.  Excited to make my boring front door purty.

6.  I still love my $15 bubble necklace! OOTD from Sunday:

7.  I found this recipe on my phone the other day and I think it looks wonderful.  It's from O magazine.  Great for a big group of people.  Miss you Oprah!

8.  Nashville starts tomorrow (ABC) and I admit I'm both nervous and excited.  I really want it to be good!

And I guess that is all! Hope you survived my nonsense!


  1. Okay! Here goes my novel to you!!!
    1. I absolutely love your random posts, they are my favorite!!
    2. I like the idea of monogram jeans with pearls too!
    3. I am REALLY wanting a sock bun too! My hair is not thick and is fine so this might actually work! Let me know if you try it!
    4. I have only been involved in two bible studies before & agree they can be intimidating but so rewarding! Can't wait to hear what you think of this one!
    5. Love Kashi!
    6. Love your DIY project! This will look so good on your front door!
    7. Your Sunday outfit is beautiful! I love your boots & dress and of course the bubble necklace!!
    8. I am going to copy that recipe to make soon!! I love artichokes!
    9. Can't wait for Nashville either!!
    10. So glad we are friends :)

    Have a great Tuesday!!

  2. I am loving skinny colored jeans, I have yet to decide if I like the dark denim. I have denim jeans that I wear my boots with, but I don't know if I can go all out skinny jeans with some flats or wedges!!! I always said I would never go back to skinny leg jeans once they went out 15 years ago!!! LOL

  3. Love the randomness! I really want to try to sock bun too. It looks so cute and polished. My hair is definitely thick enough, it just never stays the way I want it to so I don't know if it will work.

    I can't wait for Nashville either! It looks like its going to be great!

  4. Yay for random posts! First of all, I think the monogram jeans are so cute! My butt is far too big for that but I think it would look adorable on you! Definitely try the hair bun/donut. I thought the same thing about my hair being too thin but it totally works. Give it a try and let us know how it works out! I have a pic of mine on today's post. Love bible study groups. We call it small group. It's through our church. The husband and I love it! Kashi rules and I sure hope Nashville does too! Great post! :)

  5. oh the random posts are the best!! Here in St Louis people monogram everything!! My friend gets her underwear monogrammed, I swear.

    I have one of those top buns and I love it. My hair is thick and long and I swear all I need is a hair pony tail and one of those thingys and I have the perfect top bun.

    I have a couple girlfriends who are in bible studies, they keep inviting me and I know I should go!!

    So excited for Nashville too

  6. I just bought that bun contraption a few weeks ago and it works wonders! Prior to I had been using a sock, but this thing is WAY better! You'll have to be sure to post a picture with your top knot ;)

  7. Oh- and I meant to say that I am loving the new blog look!!!

  8. I love buns too!! My hair is finally long enough which is exciting!


  9. Me and the sock bun can not figure each other out! I do love your ootd