The weekend + Sandy stuff


Happy Monday Tuesday friends! I lost a day, it's so hard to keep up:)  First, our family in New York is getting pummeled by Sandy:( But Mr. C talked to them and they are doing fine--just soggy.  This is a picture from the morning before the big part of the storm hit in Centerport, NY where we got married.  We had pictures made right under that sign...and right now it's under water.  Eek!  Just hope everyone is safe:)

So hang in there friends and family:)  We are thinking of you.

I have some pictures to share from the weekend.

1.  If only my legs were as long as my shadow's.
2.  Blood orange sangria from Burger Up {our fave burger joint}. Whoo gracious, it was strong!
3.  The most delicious burger ever:  bison burger with white cheddar, fried red onions, fried jalapenos, romaine, tomato, and honey dijon aioli.  Sinful!!
4.  Fried pickles--impossible to photograph without little fingers digging in.
5.  Chobani addiction.
6.  Leopard jeans and pointy toe shoes (haven't worn those in forever!)
7.  Little man on top of hay bales.
8.  One sinister pumpkin: this was the only face the boys could agree on so I went with it. EEK!
9.  Pillows from a local artisan at the Nashville Flea Market: a dear friend and I went on Friday and had so much fun!  I kid you not, we saw these pillows from across a crowded room and the angels started singing.  I'll post a room update at some point.

Now, if you're still with me, I have a fun story!

I mentioned we ate at Burger Up on Saturday and we were in for some excitement (celebrity sighting!) It was pretty crowded and they have a tiny waiting area so we were elbow to elbow with the people in line in front of us.  Guess who it was??

Scott Hamilton (Olympic gold medal figure skater) and his family and friends.  Y'all know I am a geek about celebrities and I'm easily starstruck.

I did not jump up and down and squeal that I was honored to be in the presence of an Olympic gold medalist and that I am in awe of a world class athlete who has knees strong enough to land countless triple axels when it is all I can do to go for a jog without needing physical therapy.

I did not ask for his autograph and a photo and I did not call my mom and squeal into the phone and ask him to say hello to her. I did not tell him that I watched him win countless figure skating championships on television and dreamed of being a figure skater as a little girl and wearing those beautiful fancy sparkly costumes they get to wear.

I did not mention that I saw him perform on Stars on Ice and that

But I wanted to:)

And that was our excitement for the weekend--even the hubs was grinning.

And did I mention his friend complimented me on how well dressed my children were?  Made me feel good:)!!


  1. FRICKLES!! Love your celeb sighting. The compliment makes the story awesome. :)

  2. The comparison between those two pictures is crazy! That storm is incredibly scary! I love your pictures though, especially the fried pickles!! Mmm Mmm Mmm!!

  3. I was hoping you'd say you did tell Scott all that!!! So fun to see famous people! Glad your fam is ok!

  4. I was hoping you'd say you did tell Scott all that!!! So fun to see famous people! Glad your fam is ok!

  5. I was hoping you'd say you did tell Scott all that!!! So fun to see famous people! Glad your fam is ok!

  6. I have no idea why I needed to tell you that 3 times! Ha! Phone went cra!

  7. Didn't you guys see another celeb not to long ago at dinner??? And Blood Orange to my ears! :) Sounds deelish. You looked super adorable in the leopard pants! Love them!!

  8. Cool!!! My fame to stardom is Pete Rose and Holly Madison at Las Vegas at The Forum at Caesars Palace!!! I am such a stalker too!

  9. oh my gosh i have met scott hamilton too in the airport. we were in the chicago airport and watching the first class passengers come off and there is kristy yamaguchi and scott hamilton coming over and my mom um freaked out a bit at the celebrity sighting. all the skaters were on their stars on ice tour :-) and i hope your family is ok. that water level is crazy high!

  10. I hate that your family has to go through this hurricane! We didn't have it bad this time, thank goodness. Love all of your pictures!

  11. Hope you're family is doing alright. We only got a little rain here but the wind has been incredible. Lots of snow in some places and hour and a half from me. The blood orange sangria, yes please! And that burger, yum-o! I used to love Scott Hamilton! We went to see Stars on Ice and watched every competition on tv. I used to love all of those skaters. How cool you saw him!

  12. I am so happy that I stumbled upon your blog- are you a Nashville blogger too!? BurgerUp is AMAZE! I am hoping to put together a Nashville blogger get-together in the next few months, and am always looking to meet local bloggers!

  13. Mmm that blood orange sangria looks amazing, and so does your pumpkin!

    The Other Side of Gray

  14. I hope your family is safe and dry!!

    I am laughing over your celebrity sighting, that is so funny

  15. I hope your family is safe and sound after Sandy! How scary!

    Love all of your pictures and can't wait to see a room update! I need those pillows in my living room too! Fried pickles and that bison burger have my mouth watering!!

    Great carving on that pumpkin too!

    I wish I had fun celebrity sightings! I am still waiting to see George Strait, he lives not far from us :)