Brain dump


I miss talking about my life this week.  Here's what's in my head.

Last night I had a meeting with a physical therapist at our local Fleet Feet to discuss my knee pain.  Does everyone have Fleet Feet?  Oh I hope so, they are the bomb diggity for all things running.

I'm having moderate to severe pain in my knees again and I want to nip this in the bud.  I love running and I ain't gonna stop so we need to get these knees fixed.  I've always had weak knees due to my screwed up patellar tendons but you've got to work with what you've got.  After a hysterical series of tests like balancing on one knee and doing "clam" exercises for strangers, it was brought to my attention that I need to strengthen my core and glutes as well as undergo 4-8 weeks of PT.  The therapist also taped my knee up in some fancy configuration that makes me feel like an Olympic champion.  I really like the tape.

I love this trail mix from Whole Foods.  I've never even been a trail mix person. But this trail mix is better than ice cream.

I did a DIY and turned this ugly topless coffee table..

into this bench...(DIY coming one of these days)  PS I hate the carpet.

My boys are precious and love donuts.

I got this vest from ON (of course) and I love it.  Ma-hajor improvement on last years' which was a weird kind of shiny and reminded me of a trash bag.  This year it rivals the JCrew one.  Love!  Also, my ON just started carrying jewelry--does yours?  Lots of cute necklaces!

buy it here, lots of cute colors

Brain empty.  Have a lovely day!


  1. reminded you of a trash bag...ha! i love the new vest. i was just eyeing those the other day. i would like a (large) handful of that trail mix right about now.

  2. Such a great improvement! Loving that DIY project too!

  3. Love the DIY project! Great job! I love your vest! My ON doesn't have jewelry yet but I hope they hurry and stock it! Your boys are precious and love how excited they got for their donuts!

  4. Trail mix looks yummy. Saw you outside w/ your vest yesterday. Love it! I still need my scarf tutorial.

  5. I'm sorry to hear about your knees! Keep us posted on your recovery. Love the bench! I'm so impressed! It looks great! Hope you are having a great Thursday!

  6. I feel like ON has definitely kicked it up a notch this year for sure, I love my shorts that I got just like yours!! OK chocolate and cherry is my favorite combo, I need that trail mix

    loved your guest post and all things Fall yesterday!!

  7. My mom swears by Fleet Feet. She says it has helped her a lot with her knee pain as well. Hope it works for you! The ON we have here used to carry jewelry, they haven't in over a year and I have been so sad! I have several pieces from there. I hope they bring it back to us too!!

  8. I need a bench like that at the end of my bed. I hope your tutorial can be tackled by the DIY challenged!

  9. LOVING your DIY project! That bench is super cute.

    I'm definitely giving Old Navy more credit this season. EVERY time I go in there I see a million things I want. Not so much last year. In fact, I'm planning to make a shopping trip there this weekend :)

  10. I LOVE the Old Navy vest! It's really pretty and definitely looks comparable to J.Crew.

    I haven't shopped at Old Navy for probably five years. I was never a big fan of their clothing, but I may have to stop in one of their stores soon. It definitely looks like they've upped their game!