Mixed bag + Happy Halloween


My favorite running song right now is by Gym Class Heroes with Adam Levine..Stereo Hearts. I know it's old but who cares, so am I:) My husband finds it amusing that I walk around rapping. One of my favorite things about running is getting to listen to music that isn't kid friendly.  I love Pink too--yay for angry girl music!  Raise Your Glass is also a fave.

Speaking of running, I picked up this very cool shirt at Academy.  Love!  I feel so tough when I wear it. The cause is close to my heart because some special ladies in my life are fighters.

We're gearing up for Halloween this evening and making final costume preparations....go big or go home!

I have a good friend that always cracks me up with her witty comments.  This was last night's text message discussion about my Halloween costume.

It's supposed to be coooooold so I'm cooking this tonight...I've been dying to make it.

And some friends are joining us -- HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNIFER!!!!!!

Happy Halloween friends!! Hope you have fun tonight!


  1. I always think that if people could hear my running music they'd think I was a total freak or some miniature gangster. That soup looks awesome. Happy Halloween!

  2. Oh, Pioneer Woman, you never seize to amaze me! Have a great night with your boys!

  3. Same for me on the music while working out. I think it's easier to get in the "groove" with good music that has a steady beat.

  4. I made that soup two weeks ago, it was perfect, and I was able to freeze half of it. We already ate the other half this week and it defrosted really well!

  5. Hope you had a great Halloween. I love stereo hearts but the song that always gets me running faster is The fighter by gym class hereos with ryan tedder

  6. I can't wait to see your costume from last night!! Love your texts with your friend! Too funny!

    I need to head to Academy for that shirt. It is also a cause close to my heart :)

    I love PW and that soup looks delicious, even if it is in the 80's here I am still going to make it!!

  7. The soup looks amazing! Let us know how it turned out! We rarely make soups here but I would love to try something like that.

    I'm following you on Pinterest now. We have the exact same taste in kitchens.. I love every single kitchen you pinned!!

  8. Nice pics. :)
    Have a nice day dear!