Both funny and scary


I'll start with the funny.
Yesterday while navigating my way through another tough day at the office Jules and I had a very important conversation about the casting of the Fifty Shades of Grey movie. It looked like this:

She dropped the bomb on me that she doesn't like Ian Somerhalder.  Gasp! My 17 year old self was offended. Jules come on, what's not to like?! He's the perfect C.G. hands down.  She was just messing with me though.

Aaannd that would make 3 times I've posted his picture. ;)

Moving on to the scary.
I had the most disastrous shopping trip to the mall. I rarely go there with my 2 sweet boys because they were born with "I hate shopping" DNA.  But yesterday we needed some things so I decided to roll the dice.
We were looking for the elevator when I saw the escalator.  A light bulb came on in my head.  I thought, wow, they've never ridden an escalator, maybe we're ready for this new adventure. It will be fun! Look boys, a moving staircase!
What was I thinking?
I was holding both of their hands with my death grip.  I thought we were safe.  But on the way down Campbell had ants in his pants and could not stand still.  He started moving his little foot around and kicking it.  I said to him "Stand still and stay on our step."  He starts screaming "Ow! My foot!"  I look down and his shoe is missing.  His little foot is under some brush thingie on the side of the step.  And we're still moving of course!  Luckily his foot slid right out of wherever it was but his croc had flown to another step and been cut into nearly 2 pieces.  His toe had a bad scrape but other than that he was fine.  A big thank you to the kind man who stopped and offered me a bandaid.  I had to carry my poor child out of the mall shoeless.  
I felt terrible. I had no idea escalators were that dangerous and could chop shoes in half! Beware!
I came home, cried to Jennifer, and later shared a bottle of wine with my husband over PeiWei takeout. Today will be better!


  1. Oh no! What a scary story - I had a traumatic escalator experience at a young age and to this day - even at 31 still get a little nervous with them! I hope the wine and Pei Wei helped though :)

    Love the pic of Ian and completely agree that he would make a HOT C.G.!!

    Hope today is going better for you and the boys!

  2. Oh my goodness, that is frightening. So good of you to warn others about this danger. Hope you little boy is ok now.

  3. Yikes! Do you think Campbell will forever be afraid of escalators?

  4. this post made me laugh, every time I am at the mall with my 3 year old she runs for the escalator and I am always about 2 steps behind ready to have a heart attack because she does not quite grasp the concept of the moving stairs and how they can be dangerous and how I am picturing her falling backwards cracking her head open.... its so stressful I just have to buy something then go home and drink wine;)

    I heard they were talking about casting Kristen Stewart as Ana