Flashback Friday: Fun in the 1980's sun


The sweltering heat has me thinking about summer fun and the good ol' days. Time for a flashback Friday!
I LOVED Zinka sunblock, always wore yellow. And it smelled so good, mmm, like coconuts.

Board shorts were all the rage and we loved California Jams.  Mom bought us the cheap imitations, she wasn't about to spend $35 on a name brand.

My favorite swimsuit; attached on the sides, bare in the middle. It was the perfect option for an indecisive gal like me.

This one too.  Had the orange one and loved it.
Look, she's rockin' the zinka!
Hello 1989. Aviators then...(I'm on the right with the lovely bangs)

And now. HA! It's a good bet I'll still be wearing these puppies in another 20 years. I have no shame.

Go have yourself a fun weekend!!


  1. Haha, this is awesome! Gotta love the 80s :)

  2. oh my gosh that bathing suit!!! i wanted one like that but my mom would NOT let me.

  3. Thanks for the follow! And glad to have found your cute blog! have a great weekend,

  4. hahaha I love this. I HATED that Zinka stuff! My mom always wanted to put it on me, and I refused. I wasn't about to walk the beach with blue stripes on my face. And isn't it funny that neon bathing suits were all the rage and now neon is back again? Fashion always seems to repeat itself :)

  5. This is AWESOME!!! You brought back some goodies...hello Zinka and that swimsuit!! That was all I wore and I would cut the bows off the sides because I was too cool to have mows on my swimsuit!!!

  6. OMG I love all your flashbacks, esp the swimsuit I had one and thought I was the bee knees...of course I always crimped my hair before going to the pool!

    have a great weekend!!

    I love your post from yesterday, I swear I mix la croix with just about everything:)

  7. This is great!! I totally rocked Jams - matching with my sister of course :) I also loved that bathing suit, what?? Love the aviators and of course I had the same bangs as you did (and I worked hard on them each morning)! Loved this post, such fun memories! Have a great weekend!

  8. hahahha awesome post! Love it :)

  9. Funny! I had a suit like that too - maybe it was called a mono-kini. Mine looked like an American flag! Zinc Oxide in pink was my favorite. Your comment about your mom not buying the name brands cracked me up because things have changed for her grandchildren. :-)