Drinking this. (After 5p.m. of course.)

Listening to this. It makes me want to jump up and down and pump my fist in the air. Good running song!

Reading this. Saw it here.

And hanging with my favorite boys.  They are trouble with a capital T but they're very cute.

Apparently motorcycles smell as sweet as flowers.


  1. They're just smelling their toys to make sure they're still cool enough to play with. :) I definitely want to know your honest thoughts on that book...I'm halfway through it. :)

  2. That picture of Campbell cracked me up! I will have to try a Newcastle. Might be a good beer for Henry's party since it matches my color scheme.

  3. Love that Train song! Completely agree, a fabulous running song! Need to try that beer for sure this summer. I also am intrigued by that book! Another one on my to read list. Your boys are so cute!