Inside scoop


Hey there!  My hair color turned out great yesterday at the salon. Yay! Not a huge change but a subtle improvement.  More important though, the salon scoop was fun to catch up on.  The girls were dishing about The Bachelorette and I have a tiny spoiler. Nothing major and I don't know the ending BUT... (and if you don't want to know this tiny morsel stop reading!)

We're pretty sure it isn't going to be Charlie.  No big surprise.  Apparently he was recently on a cruise with someone's friend of a friend.  Interesting!

My stylist also showed me this you tube video of David Nail covering Adele's "Someone Like You".  She does his hair for some of his videos (insert school girl squeal) and I can't help it, I think it's cool!  Husband and I saw him at the Opry once and he was fantastic.  Talented guy!

Did I mention I'm so glad it's Friday? Hope everyone has a great weekend:)


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