Flashback Friday


I'm going back in time today. Hanging out with my precious nieces last weekend took me back to the glory days and had me reminiscing about all that stuff I loved when I was a teeny bopper.  I still feel silly and giddy when I see this stuff!
I present to you the fortune teller.

I loved these things and got into so much trouble using them during class.  I'm going to have to google how to make one again.
And Kissing Koolers, I wonder if they still make these?  Never a day went by that I didn't have a few in my pocket.

Swatches.  So fun.  So bright.  So rock-n-roll.  My love for Swatch lives on.  I still have two of mine. The cool kids wore 5 at a time and one or two on their ankles.

Old school texting.  We'd rush out of class and pass these to each other, then try to not get caught reading them in the next class.  I still remember that every letter started with Hey! What's up? Nothin' much here..

And Poison.  OMG.  My father was less than pleased that this poster was on my wall.  He froze the first time he saw it in my room and said, "Boys with makeup and long hair. Really?"  My poor Daddy.

images via Pinterest

God Bless the 80's:) I might have thrown some early 90's in here too.
Happy Weekend!


  1. OMG i love this....I remember everything you posted about. I also remember being obsessed with Tickle deodorant, Bonnie Bell lip smackers and Jordache jeans.

    the fortune tellers were the best, but I too have no idea how to fold the paper anymore.

    Have a great weekend

    1. Oh the Jordache jeans, yes!! I feel a Friday series coming on:)

  2. My youngest daughter actually still makes those fortune teller things in school! Have a lovely weekend:)

  3. I loved Teen Spirit dedorant and Guess Jeans. My parents made me give up tv for a month in exchange for my first pair of Guess jeans. LOVED those things! I had forgotten about Kissing Koolers. They smelled so good. Remember Baby Soft perfume in the pink bottle.

  4. i remember doing the fortune tellers! i need to make one again. those were always so fun. and notes. oh notes. i have 2 shoe boxes full of notes from high school. i think i would write at least 5 notes a day. i'm wondering how i actually learned anything :)

  5. LOVED Kissing Coolers, totally wish they still made 'em :) And those fortune tellers were so much fun! Just found your blog Courtney, and I love it!

    The Other Side of Gray