Family life lately


When I returned from running the other night this was on my computer:

If my husband sees that I've posted this he will surely crawl under his desk and hide. But how sweet! It's the little things. (Shh, don't tell him he misspelled phenomenal:)

I have a chalkboard in my kitchen that I write menus on.  Saturday it looked like this.

But what I love is that when my 5 year old saw it, he created his own menu board featuring peanut butter and jelly.  This melted my heart. How seriously precious.

And I'll end with a recipe.  I made this last night to use up my farmer's market golden zucchini (which tastes just like green zucchini).  It's pasta with salami, golden zucchini, tomatoes, feta cheese, and fresh basil.  Found the recipe here and let me tell you, it was easy, light and delicious.  Don't be discouraged by my ugly food photography.  It was super yummy and husband approved:)


  1. your hubby is so sweet!!

    I have a chalkboard in my kitchen but the only writing on it is by my 9 year old and how much she loves One direction

    I am definitely trying that recipe, have fun at J Crew;)

  2. LOVE your new picture at the top of the blog! You look great :) I also have a chalkboard in my kitchen! Love writing meals for the week on it, trying to make myself accountable. Your recipe & pic look great and I am definitely going to try it. Your hubby is SO sweet!

    I have been responding to your comments but realized that the email goes to a "no-reply". Will you send me your email?

  3. Thank you so much Andrea! That's what I love about instagram--I can erase all my wrinkles!:)
    Email me at

  4. I love that sweet boy's menu and the teacher in me is extra proud of him because that is very advanced for his age. Christian sure knows how to make you feel special. LOVE the note!