Stuff I like


I'm in love with this dress I just saw on Pink Peonies. It's at Nordstrom for $68? I want it! The navy white obsession continues..

I was in Finish Line Athletic store the other week (the day of our horrendous escalator ordeal) buying my husband new sneakers for Father's Day when I saw these cute running shorts.  Oh I'd love to run in polka dots.

I picked up my first maxi skirt at Gap.  I've been afraid to wear one because I'm not tall and I don't want to look frumpy but you know how it goes: I see lots of other gals wearing them and looking adorable so I'm going to try one and see if I can pull it off.  This one is a slinky material that I like, it hangs pretty.

I also love this t-shirt from Gap.  It's so perfectly comfy and deliciously pink.  It's snug but loose.  After a long hiatus I'm loving Gap again.

Loving my new mascara. I was hanging out with a friend the other day and kept noticing her eyelashes.  She laughed when I asked about her mascara (apparently she's had that question before) and said she uses Loreal Double Extend.  I love it too --  it doesn't smudge AT ALL (which is major for me and my poor easily irritated eyes) and yet it comes off easily. Win win!


  1. That dress is fabulous...and better yet, is a fabulous price!!! :) And I too am loving Gap these days...their spring/summer collection had some great lets hope the trend continues!! Oh- and I think I may have to go check out this mascara, thanks for sharing!

  2. LOVE those Nike shorts - SO cute! And what a pretty dress :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  3. I am loving the blue and white dress! I have used that mascara before. I completely forgot about it! I buy a new tube every single time. I remember liking that kind though.


  4. Love all of your picks. That dress is great, especially at that price! I haven't been in Gap in years either but I keep seeing all of these people posting great finds! I wasn't blessed with model height either so I'm also scared to do the maxi skirt - hope you show us how you wore it :) I would love to run in polka dots too! Have a great day!

  5. I bought 3 bright tshirts like that one, but at Target. 8 bucks. So soft!! Paired with white jeans, a fun bauble necklace, and wedges, they make for the easiest outfit!! :)

  6. Ah, love those Nike shorts!!! I need new ones...maybe those are it :)