The weekend: iPhone picture overload


This weekend flew by: here it is in iPhone pics.
Tennessee's so pretty! I pass this farm all the time and I want to jump on a horse and gallop across a field.

Clockwise from top left:
+CJ sporting his fave zebra sunglasses
+Sweet C chilling in his carseat
+Newly repaired Tory's (The thong pulled out {you should have heard me weeping} and my handy hubby fixed them right up with some wire and epoxy?) He's McGuyver, I love it.  Oh, and perhaps I should invest in a pedicure sometime lonely toenail has no color!
+My boys taking a break from major yardwork
+My new favorite breakfast via Valsocal. I forgot the feta but it's still easy and delicious
+Farmer's market basil that made my whole kitchen smell so wonderful
+Farmer's market heirlooms

+My sweet boys and I have a new thing--we go once or twice a week to Sbarro and The Cookie Co. and have lunch and a treat. It's wonderful because for a short period of time I don't have to bark orders at anyone--we're all happy!
+PINK Jcrew shorts that I cannot get enough of

Beeautiful, yes?
Hope your weekend was great!
Linking with some fun peeps (Dana, Sami, Leeann) for the Weekend update and with Alli from Life on Leroy too:)


  1. I saw you outside the other day in your shorts and it was easy to find you! LOVE them especially with the necklace. Evie calls that our plate necklace. She always tells me you have one too. Cute pictures of the boys. Your foot picture cracked me up. Let's go get pedicures one night or this weekend. I could just call you but since I am commenting - the words keep coming. Y'all looked so happy out there with your sprinkler.

  2. I visited Tennessee back in October and kinda fell in love with it. You people are THE NICEST! No joke, I was so blown away with how kind you guys are :)

    Loving your weekend pictures. Looks pretty great!

    Thanks for linking up with us!!

  3. Those little boys and their glasses are simply way too cute, as are your adorable pink shorts. And I must admit I am extremely jealous that you can eat pizza and cookies every week and still have a rocking body, you hot mama. Meanwhile I work out with a trainer but then come home and eat chocolate and have actually gained, not lost, weight. Blah!

    Thanks for linking up. Looks like a fabulous weekend.

  4. What a fun and relaxing weekend! I wore the same TB sandals all weekend! Tennsessee looks so gorgeous! I definitely have it on my wish list to visit. I just love the pink JCrew shorts and must get some this weekend! Yours boys look so cute and happy What a fun time with them you must have and great memories you are making with your lunch dates! Have a great Monday!

  5. I love your new favorite breakfast...makes me happy =) I bought the silver pair of TB last week, love them. I hope you have a great Monday.

  6. Your boys are adorable! Thank goodness your hubby was able to fix your TB's! I would have been devastated too! What a great weekend :) Thanks for linking up!

  7. Holy moly, I am DYING for those pink shorts, and that guacamole egg thing! Now I have to go shopping, buy the shorts, and get some avocados ASAP! :)

  8. LOVE the first picture. I would definitely want to gallop across there on a horse as well :) I'm happy your hubs was able to fix the TB sandal. That could've easily been a tragedy. And as for the pedicure... I'm in dire need of one myself! My feet are borderline embarrassing right now ;) Glad you had a great weekend!

  9. Found you from the link up.. that sandwich looks so yummy! Definitely going to try that one soon. I love those shorts too! Bright shorts are my favorite wardrobe item for this summer :)


  10. I have those J. Crew shorts and I am in love with them! I can't help but smile when I wear them! The photo of the horse is gorgeous! Wish I lived there. And that breakfast looks simple yet delicious I"m sure!

  11. Looks like one fantastic weekend! LOVE Tennessee! Wish I could visit more often!

  12. Great photos! Those are some great shorts, love the color ;)

  13. looks like a beautiful weekend! your kids are so cute! :]


  14. Here from Life on Leroy. Your kids are super cute. Great shots. LOVE Tennessee too. Such a gorgeous place. Hope you have a great week. New follower. :)

  15. Yes, beautiful! I love, love Tennessee and enjoy any chance I get to visit. That basil looks so pretty in your mason jar! mine is growing like crazy outside. I should cut some and bring it in just to smell it. Looks like a great weekend!

  16. Glad to have found you too! Your boys are precious :)

  17. Your boys are too cute- gotta love the cookie company- it makes everyone happy right??!

  18. That field makes me want to gallop on a horse too!! :) Your boys are adorable. Love Tennessee.

    Missy @