I need some white jeans


I'm loving white and chambray.  I don't think anything could be better.

Except yellow and chambray.

No, white and chambray..

Or navy and white with a splash of expensive tan leather..so indecisive.. which means I need it all, yes..

I've got to get busy and update my white jeans.  It's already June and I'm wasting my precious wearing time, gasp!  My last year's ones have lots of smudgy fingerprints on them courtesy of my sweet little sticky fingered boys.  Definitely time to update to a fresh new pair.  I'm on the hunt for some good yet inexpensive ones since I know these too don't stand much of a chance around my boys...suggestions welcome!  Forever 21? AE? Madewell? Maybe Nordstrom Juniors (yes I admit it, I shop in the juniors department)..


  1. well after trying on about 100 different pairs I finally just bit the bullet and bought a pair of white 7 skinnies. I spent more than I had wanted but it is so hard to find the perfect pair of jeans. I did get the cutest pair of yellow jeans from target, it is the mossimo line. they are in the juniors section:)

  2. I adore everyone of these styles. Classy, preppy and oh so sweet.

  3. I have a pair from Banana Republic and a pair from Target. Honestly, I prefer much Target ones much more!

  4. I was going to tell you Target too because I saw that on Christina's blog. Crazy! Can you bleach them or does that change the texture? We had a fun morning but it sure was crazy!

  5. Love all of those outfits, especially the last one :)

  6. Okay. Thanks to you, I am now ordering the Lauren chambray I've been wanting. I'm skimping a bit on the white jeans with the Inc. white skinny jeans. I have the boot cut ones and I love the fit and how they look with super high platform peeptoes. Love how your blog is turning out...it makes me buy things:-)